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How can you avoid bad odours and clogged pipes?

  • Don’t pour leftover food down your toilets
  • Never pour frying oil down your toilets: grease hardens
  • Regularly let hot water flow through your pipes
  • Always use a basket strainer for your sink drain. Leftover food can clog your pipes
  • Always use a basket strainer for your shower drain. Hair will eventually clog your pipes
  • Use a descaling agent in your washing machine and dishwasher if you live in an area where the running water is very hard
  • Install a water softener
  • Limit the use of drain cleaners or other chemical products in your drainage pipes
  • Tell your children they can store they toys anywhere, except in the WC
  • Use enough water when you flush
  • Regularly remove hair from your shower and bath drains
  • Remove any leaves from ledges in the autumn
  • Don’t use products to improve the functioning of your septic tank: let nature do its job
  • Empty your septic tank on schedule
  • Never dump leftover paint or cement into your sump
  • Properly attach deodorising products in your toilet bowl
  • Don’t dispose of wet wipes in your toilet
  • Regularly clean your bath, shower and sink drains

How can you fix a clogged pipe?

  • With the help of a rubber plunger
  • With a little liquid drain cleaner and some hot water
  • By thoroughly cleaning the drain

How can you recognise a clogged pipe?

  • From bad odours
  • From a gurgling sound when your sink or toilet bowl drains
  • From water coming up from your sump
  • From the colour of rainwater

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