Video camera inspection

A video camera inspection is, of course, a very practical way to pinpoint your sewer problem, but also a way to create a plumbing diagram of your existing sewer network. Suppose you want to remodel your home and you don’t have a plumbing diagram of your pipes. In this case, it’s best to know where everything is before you start the demolition work.

Without demolition work

If you don’t know exactly where your pipes are clogged, you will, worst-case, have to open up your entire floor. With a video camera inspection, you know precisely which part of your floor will need to be opened up. A quick inspection with the help of a camera is assuredly a good idea if you have frequent problems with bad odours or clogged pipes. La Vidange Loiseau has different kinds of cameras at its disposal. Therefore, no drain pipe problem can escape the trained eyes of our professionals.

Know the LAYOUT of your PIPES

If you recently purchased a house, it’s possible that you never received a plumbing diagram. Thanks to a full video camera inspection of your sewer system, you’ll know exactly where your pipes are. If you’re thinking about remodelling, you’ll know, from the outset, where to be careful. Our detailed inspection report will give you a complete and easy-to-use overview. And, if you want, we can even provide you with the video camera inspection on DVD or a USB key.

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