The importance of your sewers

A sewer is indispensable for collecting and removing your waste water. Sometimes, however, there is a problem and your sewer no longer functions in an optimal manner. Thankfully, La Vidange Loiseau knows how to take care of a clogged sewer.

Strange sounds?

Do you hear strange sounds coming from your toilet or sink? This means the drain is clogging up. Is the water draining poorly or not at all? First, try pouring drain cleaner in your toilet, bath, shower or sink. The problem persists? Get professional sewer cleaning from La Vidange Loiseau.

Bad smells?

You have bad smells in your home and you don’t know where they’re coming from? Have your sewer checked by La Vidange Loiseau. The problem is most likely a clogged drainage pipe, a problem with dirty rainwater, a leak, a broken pipe, or a full septic tank.

To identify the exact cause of the problem, we always start first with a video camera inspection. Then, our professionals instantly solve your problem with precision and with high-tech equipment.

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