Sewer dredging

La Vidange Loiseau can clean your sewer pre-emptively or, of course, to fix your problem. Even the tiniest things can sometimes cause an obstruction. For example, think of cooking oils which harden in your pipes over time.

High pressure

La Vidange Loiseau has a number of vans and equipment that allows us to clean your sewer with a high-pressure system. It’s an efficient technique in which we inject water under high pressure into your pipes. We detach everything on the pipes and vacuum it up into the combi truck.

Other sewerage work

A video camera inspection allows us to pinpoint where a pipe is clogged. It also allows us to establish a map of your sewer system. Is your sewer only accessible from a garage or underground parking space? In this case, we’ll send a special vehicle only 1.80 m high.

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