Heating oil tank removal

Are you switching from oil to gas? Are you selling your house, but there is still an old fuel oil tank in the basement? In this case, the law states that you must decommission your unused fuel oil tank. If it’s an underground tank, you can, for example, fill it with sand. If it’s an exposed tank, it must be completely removed. Are you looking for a professional who can take on this project? Contact La Vidange Loiseau.

How do we remove your heating oil or diesel tank?

  • First, we empty the fuel tank. We transport any usable fuel to an address of your choice in an ADR-certified truck, cleanly and securely.
  • Then, we clean the oil tank with special products.
  • Finally, we break the oil tank down into pieces and remove all waste. Afterwards, you receive an official certificate from the IBGE or the OVAM.
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