Heating oil tank decommissioning

If you are no longer using your underground fuel tank, the law states that you must decommission it. This means emptying it, cleaning it, and filling it with sand, for example. This is the only way to ensure that your oil tank is completely harmless.

How do we decommission and clean your heating oil tank?

La Vidange Loiseau starts by completely emptying your oil tank. Do you want to use the fuel? No problem. Our professionals will transport the fuel to an address of your choice.

Then, an ADR-certified truck will clean your oil tank with a high-pressure cleaner and specialised products.

Finally, our professionals will fill your oil tank with sand from the Scheldt River. Afterwards, you will receive an official decommissioning certificate.

FUEL tank decommissioning at a reasonable price

La Vidange Loiseau always provides a detailed estimate beforehand. This can be over the phone. However, most of the time, we visit your location in order to precisely determine how we will proceed. This is to avoid bad surprises, for you and for us, both in terms of the work and the bill.

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