Heating oil tank cleaning

Cleaning a heating oil or diesel tank is a job of its own. Avoid doing it yourself if you want to ensure that everything is done by the rules and in compliance with environmental legislation. La Vidange Loiseau is happy to help, has all the safety equipment needed and is officially recognised by the IBGE and OVAM environmental management companies.

Why clean your heating oil tank?

Water can leak into your fuel tank because of condensation or after heavy rains. Sometimes, grime can accumulate. Like water, it can harm your heating system. If your boiler stops frequently, it’s best to have your heating oil tank cleaned. La Vidange Loiseau completes this task with minimal fuel loss.

How do we clean your heating oil tank?

  • La Vidange Loiseau starts by completely emptying your oil tank. We use an ADR-certified truck specially designed to transport flammable substances.
  • Afterwards, our professionals clean your cistern by means of a high-pressure cleaner and special cleaning products.
  • Lastly, we transfer your fuel back into the cleaned oil tank. We dispose of the residue at an accredited facility. Afterwards, you receive an official certificate of disposal.

Cleaning your heating oil tank is worth it

Heating oil isn’t cheap. Nor is installing a heating system. When you run into a problem with your heating system, it’s best to have it professionally cleaned by La Vidange Loiseau. At most, you’ll lose a small amount of heating oil. However, that’s much better than losing your whole heating system.

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