Cistern cleaning

Many people today opt to have a rainwater cistern for environmental reasons. It’s a smart choice since you can use your rainwater for all kinds of household tasks. This type of cistern is even obligatory for new construction and renovations. If your rainwater isn’t clear enough or has an odd odour, ask La Vidange Loiseau for help.

The advantages of a cistern

Clean water isn’t cheap. For example, if you need to use it to water your garden plants, your water bill will climb in turn. You would therefore be well advised to have a rainwater cistern installed. You can use it to flush your toilets, to do laundry or to water your plants. Better yet, rainwater isn’t hard water and is therefore better for your appliances’ longevity. Additionally, a water cistern is a way to prevent flooding.

Have your water cistern cleaned regularly

Your cistern also contains bacteria which will help keep your rainwater clear. However, mud and leaves eventually manage to get into the water. The result: the water becomes dirty and smells bad. Call La Vidange Loiseau regularly. Our professionals will drain and clean your cistern and you’ll again enjoy clean, clear water.

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