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Unclogging services

The importance of your sewers

A sewer is indispensable for collecting and removing your waste water. Sometimes, however, there is a problem and your sewer…

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Video camera inspection

A video camera inspection is, of course, a very practical way to pinpoint your sewer problem, but also a way…

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There is nothing more irritating than a clogged drainage pipe, a toilet that doesn’t flush properly or bad odours in…

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PUMPING services

Sewer dredging

La Vidange Loiseau can clean your sewer pre-emptively or, of course, to fix your problem. Even the tiniest things can…

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Cistern cleaning

Many people today opt to have a rainwater cistern for environmental reasons. It’s a smart choice since you can use…

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Flooded basement pumping

Suppose an odd odour is coming from your basement or garage. When you check it, you find that your basement…

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Septic tank pumping and cleaning

The septic tank, also sometimes known as a cesspool, collects the waste water from your toilets, bath and shower. Bacteria…

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Heating oil tanks

Heating oil tank removal

Are you switching from oil to gas? Are you selling your house, but there is still an old fuel oil…

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Heating oil tank decommissioning

If you are no longer using your underground fuel tank, the law states that you must decommission it. This means…

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Heating oil tank cleaning

Cleaning a heating oil or diesel tank is a job of its own. Avoid doing it yourself if you want…

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