George Loiseau began his work in septic tank and cistern drainage in 1960, with just one truck. A hard and tireless worker, he sometimes literally pulled his neighbours out of the mud.

Within a few months, he founded the unclogging and pumping company La Vidange Loiseau with three associates. Fifty-five years later, the core value of the company has remained the same: impeccable service, before, during and after. Although, today, more modern equipment has been added.

Mr Defaweux became the head of the company in the mid-sixties. He endeavoured, along with the National Federation of Professional Pumpers (Fédération nationale professionnelle des vidangeurs), to regulate access to the profession. The torch passed to his daughter Danielle after his death in 1984. She took the reins of the company and made it a point of pride to treat the products collected with respect for the environment.

In 1987, La Vidange Loiseau had its first custom vacuum trucks manufactured to meet the strict guidelines for the transportation of hazardous waste. Today, any unclogging and pumping company that wishes to transport this type of waste must use an ADR-certified truck of this kind.

La Vidange Loiseau has remained a family business throughout the years, guided by common sense and a team of experienced professionals. The company has deliberately kept from expanding internationally so that it can continue to respond quickly and with flexibly. Because you never know when your pipes may clog up.

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