About the winds of change blowing through La Vidange Loiseau

A few months ago, we thought that “the winds of change would blow better with a new visual identity”.

Today, we’re happy we acted on the thought. It’s with great pride that we present the new visual identity of La Vidange Loiseau, a pumping and unclogging company. A new style to match a new approach to the profession, the use of new high-tech equipment and the fresh leadership of a new generation.

Even though La Vidange Loiseau has undergone a major facelift, our common sense and team of motivated professionals remain the same.

Speed and flexibility are still the key words. La Vidange Loiseau is specialised in pumping and unclogging work, video camera inspections, sewer repairs and decommissioning heating oil tanks.

La Vidange Loiseau puts the emphasis on quality, as seen in the advanced equipment used and the fact that our experienced professionals regularly undergo additional training. They guarantee you the best service possible.

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