Septic tank pumping and cleaning

The septic tank, also sometimes known as a cesspool, collects the waste water from your toilets, bath and shower. Bacteria then purify the water before it drains to the sewers. Sometimes, the septic tank is completely full and quick action is necessary. If this is the case, you’ll notice it when your toilet won’t flush properly, a pipe is clogged or there are nauseating smells in your house. The only solution is to have your septic tank emptied and cleaned by La Vidange Loiseau.

Intelligent septic tank

Normally, septic tanks operate completely autonomously and you should, in theory, never need to have it emptied. This is thanks to the bacteria which process all of the water in the tank. Sometimes, however, certain chemicals will disturb the proper functioning of your septic tank. It then clogs and fills up. La Vidange Loiseau will resolve the problem quickly.

Small or large septic tank?

La Vidange Loiseau empties all septic tanks, no matter what their size. We empty even the largest septic tanks. A combi truck with a 24,500-litre capacity is not just any truck! Better yet, after emptying or unclogging your septic tank, our professionals will immediately clean it. You can “start fresh” with a clean septic tank, free of chemicals.

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